Selezione s.r.l. is a ham factory in Tizzano Val Parma (PR), located in the suburb of Pratolungo and specialized in cold meats production following the best Parmesan tradition. The factory, founded in 1976 by Agostino Attolini, has been family-run ever since the beginning and this is one of its strong points: a limited production of hams and cold meats that guarantees a very high quality product.

Quality” is the word that better embodies the philosophy and the daily commitment of this producer who, exploiting a very old tradition, keeps doing his job in a rigorously artisan way.

Every single aspect of the various steps of production is handled in detail, starting from the accurate selection of the raw material. In fact, the factory’s name is “Selezione” (i.e.: selection): only the highest quality pork legs are employed, because only choosing the best can lead to the best.

Inside its plant, located in the high Parma Valley 800 m above the sea level, Selezione S.r.l. follows a totally handmade procedure. All the steps of production (salting, cleaning, “sugnatura”…) are traditional operations that let time, air and nature transform the fresh pork legs into excellent cold meats. It’s the sinergy of these three elements that makes the difference: to obtain an upper quality finished product you must not haste, but let time flow.




Strada della Val Bardea, 114 PRATOLUNGO

43028 Tizzano Val Parma (PR)

P.IVA 00428340343


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Selezione Inglese Selezione Francese Selezione Italiano
Selezione Srl è un prosciuttificio di Tizzano Val Parma, dal 1976 produciamo salumi di altissima qualità.